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Lorna spent her early life growing up on her family farm north of Port Hope. It was there that she began to practice making preserves, and she has continued throughout her life. Making all kinds of different preserves from jams to tomato sauces, Lorna became adept at it, and one day while enjoying her favourite Publican House brew - Square Nail with her partner Terry, the thought struck her, “I wonder what beer jelly would taste like..” From there, an idea was born. After much experimentation, and even more sampling using Publican House Brewery beer, a product was developed that exceeded their expectations. The product was truly delicious, and it wasn't long before Terry and Lorna began to share their wonderful product with the world.


Starting inside their own home, Terry and Lorna began to perfect and produce their recipes, selling their beer jelly exclusively at The Publican House Brewery. As with any good product, it didn't take long for the secret to get out, and before too long retailers all over began asking for the opportunity to sell beer jelly.


Since then, Terry and Lorna have worked tirelessly to bring their beer jelly, and other products, to the market. The beer jelly they produce is a truly delicious product with endless versatility.

Terry &



Beer Jelly

"People would call us up and ask what we were doing, and we'd say we're "jus-jellin."

- Lorna

Our Product

Our beer jelly, produced in small batches, is hand crafted artisan style using award winning beer from The Publican House Brewery. Our beer jelly adds a complimentary beer flavour to any meat you put on the grill. Whether or not you are a beer drinker, this delicious jelly can add a punch of flavour to any meal or cheese & veggie platter, and even works well as a topping for pancakes and waffles or desserts (Try it on a cheesecake, you will thank us later!). All flavours are made using Public House beers, which include Henry's, Square Nail and Pub House Ale, to name a few.

Beer Jelly

Peanut Brittle

Our beer brittle is a delicious hard sugar candy embedded with peanuts and infused with award winning Square Nail beer from The Publican House Brewery. It is a brand new twist on a classic favourite, and is a perfect sweet snack for anytime.

You have to try our brand new products: Garlic Beer Jelly and Hot Pepper Beer Jelly! They are made with the Publican House Square Nail Pale Ale, and are paired well with cheese, meats, and even on your eggs for breakfast. We have loaded it up with chunks of garlic that is very flavourful for you garlic lovers. The pepper jelly has an abundance of hot red pepper, giving just the right amount of heat to satisfy the pepper lover in you.

Our products are available to purchase at multiple locations throughout Ontario. Find a store near you!

Gourmet Beer Jelly

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Beer Jelly

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