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Beer Glass


Our Story - Terry & Lorna

Lorna spent her early life growing up on her family farm north of Port Hope. It was there that she began to practice making preserves, which she has continued to do throughout her life. Handcrafting preserves from jams to tomato sauces, Lorna became adept at it, and one day while enjoying her favourite Publican House brew, Square Nail, with her partner Terry, the thought struck her, “I wonder what beer jelly would taste like ...” From there, an idea was born. After much experimentation, and even more sampling using Publican House Brewery beer, a product was developed that exceeded their expectations. The product was truly delicious, and it wasn't long before Terry and Lorna began to share their wonderful product with the world.

In their home kitchen, Terry and Lorna began to perfect and produce their recipes, selling their beer jelly exclusively at The Publican House Brewery. As with any good product, it didn't take long for the word to get out, and before too long retailers all over began placing orders.

Since then, Terry and Lorna have worked tirelessly to bring their beer jelly, and other products, to market. The beer jelly they produce is a truly delicious product with endless versatility.

"People would call us up and ask what we were doing, and we'd say we're "jus-jellin."

- Lorna

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