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Made with Jus-Jellin Beer Jelly

Burgers, Wings ... Anything!

A feast to remember!


You can use any of our beer flavoured jellies to glaze your burgers while grilling, or apply directly to buns as a condiment. Toss chicken wings in a beer jelly glaze and throw them in the oven or on the grill to get a delicious crispy wing with subtle and delicious beer flavour. Apply directly to pork tenderloin, chicken breast, grilled pork chops or venison! The possibilities are endless when working with our beer jellies!


Square Nail Pale Ale, Henry's Irish Ale or O'Leerie Stout Beer Jelly


Our recipes include: Appetizers, Entrées and Breakfast & Dessert, many created by Chef Brian Henry, to specifically incorporate Jus-Jellin Beer Jelly as a key ingredient (as well as his original spice blends - available through The Spice Co.).  Links to the recommended Beer Jellies have been provided within our recipes for your online shopping convenience. 

Bon Appetit!!!

Breakfast & Dessert
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