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Our products include our original Beer Jelly, Gourmet Beer Jelly, Beer Nuts, Beef Jerky and seasonal Peanut Brittle, all made with Publican House Brewery Award-winning Beer!

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You have to try our Gourmet Beer Jellies, including: Hot Red Pepper, Garlic  and our brand-new product, Hazelnut Coffee Stout. They pair well with meat, cheese and even on your eggs or pancakes for breakfast!

Gourmet Beer Jelly

Gourmet Jelly

Hot Red Pepper


Our Hot Red Pepper Beer Jelly has an abundance of hot red pepper, giving just the right amount of heat to satisfy the pepper lover in you!

Coming Soon



Made with Publican House Square Nail Pale Ale, our Garlic Beer Jelly has been loaded up with chunks of flavourful garlic for the garlic lovers!

Coming Soon

Hazelnut Coffee Stout


Made with Publican House O'Leerie Stout, our Hazelnut Coffee Stout Beer Jelly combines the flavours of hazelnut and coffee for a delicious beer jelly!

Coming Soon

Beer Jelly

Our beer jelly, produced in small batches, is hand crafted, artisan style using award-winning beer from The Publican House Brewery, including: Henry's Irish Ale, KLB Raspberry Wheat, O'Leerie Stout and Square Nail Pale Ale. Our beer jelly adds a complimentary punch of flavour to any meat you put on the grill or to any meal or cheese & veggie platter. It even works well as a topping for pancakes, waffles and desserts!



Coming Soon

Henry's Irish Ale

Henry's Irish Ale Beer Jelly is made with Publican House Brewery's Henry's Irish Ale.



Coming Soon

KLB Raspberry Wheat

KLB Raspberry Wheat Beer Jelly is made with KLB Raspberry Wheat Beer.



Coming Soon

O'Leerie Stout

O'Leerie Stout Beer Jelly is made with Publican House Brewery's O'Leerie Stout.



Coming Soon

Square Nail Pale Ale

Square Nail Pale Ale Beer Jelly is made with  Square Nail Pale Ale.

Beer Jelly

More Goodies

We also make more goodies using Publican House's award-winning beer, including: beer nuts, beer beef jerky and peanut brittle (available seasonally). All are classic favourites, and the perfect snacks for anytime!


Beer Nuts


An artisan Bavarian redskin beer nut roasted in a copper kettle and infused with award-winning Henry's Irish Ale

Coming Soon

Beer Beef Jerky


An artisan beer beef jerky using a premium grade A cut of Canadian beef, marinated in Square Nail Pale Ale 

Coming Soon

Peanut Brittle


Our peanut brittle is a delicious hard sugar candy embedded with peanuts and infused with Square Nail Pale Ale.

Seasonal Item
More Goodies
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